Radio Dances: ‘Re-leafing’ by Rachel Oliver

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Photo: 'Re-leafing' by Rachel Oliver
Rachel Oliver

Artist Statement

"Re-leafing" is a solo on grief, but also about finding relief/re-leaf.

In this autobiographical study, I begin with plates in my arms and on the floor around me. As I try to scoop more up, they slip through my arms and scatter to the floor. I then begin a repetition of gestures that represent an inner struggle, as I seek to maintain control over my life. My inner beliefs of my identity have unraveled, and I try to escape this vulnerability, to take hold of something in order to tame the fear. As I lay hand over hand, I travel to the left, to seek a balance in order to find relief.

In the end, I find some sort of pathway, rhythm or solution to my current situation, by frantically trying to put my life back together with each repeated gesture. Though the gestures have changed, with an increased speed and less control, it still has a frantic, frenetic and desperate feel to it. The new rendition of the gestures are so quick and flung, that it is evident that I haven’t moved through the grief, but that is has merely manifested in a new way in my body.

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