Douglas Creek & Flash Floods: Info Meeting Tonight

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Colorado Springs officials will talk flash floods along Douglas Creek at a public meeting tonight. KRCC's Eliza Densmore reports. 

The meeting is expected to provide education and updated information about increased flash flood risk due to the Waldo Canyon burn scar, including the city’s planned response to a flash flood.

Emergency Management Coordinator Ken Hughlett says it’s about knowing your risk. That includes issues like "understanding what the risk factors are in your neighborhood based on your location and the different studies we’ve had conducted," Hughlett says. "How to create your plan of what to do in case of a flash flood event, how to know what the warning signs are, and where to go and find a safe place, and then how to enact that plan when it comes time to do that."

Speakers are scheduled to address higher risk neighborhoods along North and South Douglas Creeks. Topics include mitigation efforts, potential impact areas, and emergency flood preparedness.

The meeting will be held at the Front Range Alliance Church at 6:30.