Book Club: Timothy Egan, César Aira and Veronica Roth

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(Photo: Courtesy of Mariner Books, New Directions Publishing, and Katherine Tegen Books)
<p>(Left to right) “Short Nights of the Shadow Catcher: The Epic Life and Immortal Photographs of Edward Curtis” by Timothy Egan, <span style="line-height: 1.66667em;">“The Hare” by César Aira</span><span style="line-height: 1.66667em;"> and the “Divergent” trilogy by Veronica Roth.</span></p>

Photo: &#039;Short Nights of the Shadow Catcher&#039; Book Cover

Photo: &#039;The Hare&#039; Book Cover

Photo: &#039;Divergent&#039; by Veronica Roth

Stay tuned for the next edition of Book Club when we’ll hear from our authors about the classics that made the most impact on them when they were growing up -- Virginia Woolf’s “To the Lighthouse,” Ernest Hemingway’s “In Our Time” and “The Once and Future King” by T. H. White.

Lisa Jones is the author of a memoir called “Broken: A Love Story” and she is currently at work on a novel. Peter Heller is the author of five books. His novel "The Dog Stars" was a bestseller. His new novel, "The Painter," is coming out in March. Helen Thorpe is the author of “Just Like Us: The True Story of Four Mexican Girls Coming of Age in America,” as well as a forthcoming non-fiction book “Soldier Girls.”