CDOT Installs New Flood Monitoring Equipment in Williams Canyon

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Williams Canyon is getting new rain-monitoring equipment from the Colorado Department of Transportation and the US Geological Survey. KRCC’s Tucker Hampson reports on the installations taking place this week. 

The new equipment looks to complement the devices installed in Waldo Canyon last year, and are intended to allow CDOT to see the progression of floods as they move toward Highway 24. The new gear includes a real time video feed camera, a remote radar gauge, and an additional rain gauge.

CDOT spokesman Bob Wilson says the update is key to improving flood reaction time. 

"Since we can check those remotely we can exactly how much rain is falling up above," says Wilson.  "Then we know basically what’s up there is going to be coming down, and that way we can react in advance."

Flood mitigation efforts in and around the Waldo Canyon burn scar are ongoing. Work has included the installation of larger culverts, catchment basins, and a network of cameras. 

Wilson says there may be minor delays on Highway 24 between 9:30 and noon while the equipment is being installed.