Volunteer Waldo Canyon Restoration Projects Continue

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Waldo Canyon restoration continues this weekend on Saturday with an effort from Volunteers For Outdoor Colorado. KRCC’s Tucker Hampson reports. 

The project looks to help protect nearby water supplies, infrastructure, and Highway 24, by working on a number of erosion control issues, including dead tree removal, sandbagging, and reseeding grass and trees.

Volunteer for Outdoor Colorado spokeswoman Jessica Von Duerring says it’s part of an ongoing effort to help restore the burn scar.

"We did do quite a bit of Waldo Canyon fire restoration projects throughout last year," says Von Duerring, "and I imagine we’ll have some more next year as well. We also had a recent project in the Black Forest Region, so many volunteer opportunities in the Colorado Springs area."

Volunteers must be 16 or older to participate. The project runs from 8 to 4, and volunteers are asked to stay the entire day. Tools, supplies and food will be provided. Those interested should RSVP online at voc.org.