CenturyLink expanding gigabit Internet service to Denver

(Map: Courtesy CenturyLink)
<p>CenturyLink is expanding its gigabit Internet service to 16 cities, including Denver.</p>

CenturyLink map

Centurylink is planning to make Denver its next 'gig-city'.

The telecommunications company is announcing Tuesday it will offer businesses and residents internet speeds up to 1 gigabit per second, about 100 times faster than average broadband speeds.

Scott Russell, vice president and general manager of Centurylink in Denver, says the company’s plan is to bring the service to every neighborhood in the city.

“We’re actually building the network, we’ve built part of it already," Russell said. "We’re in the throes right now of racing every day to put more and more fiber infrastructure into the city of Denver, and, as we can, we’re turning on neighborhood by neighborhood to make the service available as fast as possible.”

Russell says the new service should make Denver attractive to companies that depend on moving a great deal of data. And he added the faster service will make it much easier for people to work from home.

Currently CenturyLink has gigabit service in Omaha, Las Vegas, and Salt Lake City.