The Beethoven 9 @ 9: Saturday Mornings on CPR Classical

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Illustration: CPR/Brad Turner)
Photo: Beethoven times four illustration

CPR Classical is presenting an encore of The Beethoven 9 @ 9 as a weekly series each Saturday at 9 a.m. starting Oct. 10.

Beethoven's nine symphonies helped introduce the world to one of its greatest revolutionaries. They remain central to music ever since Beethoven wrote them two centuries ago.

They tell the story of Beethoven's tumultuous life, place and time. More than that, they mirror our own humanity in a most visceral form, as if written today. They powerfully teach us about ourselves and our world in the 21st century.

For these reasons I invite you to join CPR Classical for a yearlong journey exploring the nine iconic symphonies of Beethoven.

If you only recognize the ubiquitous opening notes of the Fifth Symphony, I hope you'll discover a vast new universe. If you're already well acquainted with them you'll hear the music in new ways, much like the delightful surprise of catching something new after multiple viewings of your favorite movie.

Whatever the case, knowing these works deeply is like growing a dear friendship. You'll come to cherish each symphony.

I'll be your host each Saturday morning at 9 a.m. throughout 2015. Renowned classical biographer Jan Swafford, who just published a biography on Beethoven, joins us as we explore the world of Beethoven through the lens of his symphonies.

We’ll dedicate each month to a different symphony chronologically -- and hear a different interpretation each week from world-class orchestras:

  • January: Symphony No. 1
  • February: Symphony No. 2
  • March: Symphony No. 3
  • April: Symphony No. 4
  • May: Symphony No. 5
  • June: Symphony No. 6
  • July: Symphony No. 7
  • August: Symphony No. 8
  • September: Symphony No. 9
  • October - December: Revisiting the full cycle of nine symphonies.

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