Maps: Colorado public school dropout rates continue to fall

Colorado's public school dropout rate fell for the eighth-straight school year in 2013-2014 to 2.4 percent, according to new data from the state Department of Education.

That marks a .1 percent improvement over the previous school year. As this map shows, struggling districts are scattered across the state:

The on-time graduation rate for the class of 2014 increased to 77.3 percent in 2014, up from 76.9 percent last year.

“There is cause for optimism in these steadily improving results,” Rebecca Holmes, associate commissioner for innovation, choice and engagement at CDE, said in a news release. “Many districts are doing remarkable work to move more and more students toward readiness for the day after high school graduation."

This map shows that the districts with the lowest graduation rates closely mirror those that have high dropout rates.

The data released Thursday also includes gender and race variables. Check out Chalkbeat's coverage for more analysis.