Ski towns high on weed-related tourism numbers

Surveys say that most people, 62 percent, would not come to Colorado because of legal marijuana, writes Steamboat Today. Yet Drew Koehler of Steamboat 420 told the paper that pot tourism has definitely emerged in Colorado.

Al White, director of the Colorado Tourism Office, says that marijuana is not responsible for record numbers of tourists.

But Koehler is able to make a living renting vaporizors to tourists in town.

Drew Koehler was at the condo to show the group how to use the Volcano vaporizer, which he began renting to people in October through his company Steamboat420. He has catered mostly to customers from out of state and thinks pot tourism has emerged in Colorado.

“I think cities and towns in Colorado that offer marijuana have undoubtedly seen an increase in visitors to town,” Koehler said.

Koehler talked about one large group in particular that was trying to decide between a ski trip at Steamboat or Alta, Utah.

“The deal breaker was legal marijuana,” Koehler said.

And over in Breckenridge, hotel management began training employees about marijuana edibles after several incidents of accidental consumption, according to Summit Daily.

“If you’ve seen some of the labels on these candy bars, the writing that says it contains THC is microscopic and they’re all very similarly packaged,” Kontak says. “The main problem with hotels is that people know they can’t take marijuana home. That’s one of the few rules everyone is aware of, so instead of taking it back, they leave it as a tip, just as they would with any kind of food in a hotel.”