When zombies attack, you’ll want to get outta Denver

Dave Alpert
<p>(Photo by John Shearer/<span data-scayt-word="Invision">Invision</span>&nbsp;for AMC/AP Image)</p>
<p>A (make believe) zombie corners “The Walking Dead” executive producer Dave Alpert at the show&#039;s 2014 season premiere party in Universal City, California.</p>
Photo: The Walking Dead executive producer
When the zombies come to eat your brains, don't hunker down with your canned food and shotguns in a place like Denver or Boulder in hopes of riding it out. You're going to want to run for the hills. That's according to a team of Cornell University researchers who have mapped out the progression of a fictional zombie outbreak in the United States. The best place to run? The Northern Rocky Mountains, researchers say. Cities would fall quickly, researchers say, but it would take months for zombies to infiltrate more remote areas.