Denver has more than 140 news providers, Pew says

The Pew Research Center has a new study aimed at trying to figure out how people get their local news in the digital age, and Denver was among three cities the organization focused on; the other two were Macon, Georgia, and Sioux City Iowa. Why Denver?

A highly educated urban area of more than 2 million with internet adoption above the national average and a large Hispanic population (19%)

There's a lot of interesting data to sift through: most folks get their local news from the television, high school graduates pay more attention to local news than do those with college degrees, and women are reported to share crime stories on social networks more than men. But one data point stuck out: Pew says that Denver has more than 140 news outlets, counting everything from daily newspapers, television and radio, on through to hyper local news websites. That's a lot of news.

Here's a visual representation of the Denver breakdown:

Chart: Pew Center Denver media environment