Arvada ponys up $1.8M for train quiet zones

Train Noise Blues
Kristen Wyatt/AP Photo
A quiet zone at a railroad crossing in Fort Collins, Colorado. 
Photo: Railroad crossing (AP Photo)
Arvada will soon have four quiet zones at railroad crossings, similar to this one in Fort Collins, Colorado.

The City Council has approved an agreement with the Union Pacific to build quiet zones at four intersections. Planning began in 2011 and construction could be finished by the end of the year.

"It just takes many years working federal railroad administration and all the rules and regulations you have to follow to make it a reality," said Maria VanderKolk, a city spokeswoman. "I know that the residents in the area are really anxious to get those going."

At quiet zones, train engineers agree not to blow their horns, and special construction prevents drivers from trying to get around crossing gates. Union Pacific runs as many as 30 trains through Arvada every day.