With decks and backyards washed away, C. Springs residents blame city

#COSprings homeowners blame city for erosion as yards, decks fall in creek http://t.co/akmCCevXo4 via @billvogrin pic.twitter.com/v6oBdna3Uk

Last week's seemingly endless rain and hail storms (and tornadoes and snow) prompted flood warnings all along the Front Range and eastern Colorado. But in the Fencerail Heights cul-de-sac in Colorado Springs, the danger was right in people's backyards. There, the Gazette reports, North Rockrimmon Creek was swollen by the deluge and ate away at its banks until fences, yards and decks were ripped away.

Now, the homeowners along the creek are blaming the city for their plight.

"For over a year, my neighbor Mary Jo and I have called the city to let him know that the walls of the drainage were eroding," one of the homeowners told the Gazette. The city's public works director said his department is looking for long-term solutions to protect the homes built above the creek.