Revisiting Hunter S. Thompson’s favorite Colorado bar

The Los Angeles Times stopped by Woody Creek Tavern to talk with the folks at the bar about its most famous patron, Hunter S. Thompson. They aren't the only ones visiting either -- the bar still brings in acolytes looking for traces of Thompson's wild presence.

Waitress Rachel Bannon told the paper that she reminds the Thompson-seekers that he's dead. Other locals say that people are always trying to get directions to his home. One bar patron who identified as Mike recounted some of Thompson's antics, adding, "We all miss him."

He also recalled Thompson marching through the tavern doors, leveling a gun at the petrified bartender and pulling the trigger. Fortunately, he was shooting blanks. Another time he emptied the place by igniting a smoke bomb.

When he died, his ashes were blasted from a 100-foot cannon.

"That's why the fishing was so good in the river afterward," Mike said.