Do You Remember The Hottest June Ever In Denver?


Springtime in the Rockies sounds pleasant – and most of the time it is. But extreme swings like snowstorms in May or persistent rain can be just as common.

Three years ago this month, Denver was sizzling. The year 2012 was the hottest June for Denver since record-keeping began back in 1872, the National Weather Service reports. For 17 days in the month of June, the temperature was at least 90 degrees.

But the highlight of the record-setting month was a stretch of five consecutive 100 degree days from the 22nd to the 26th. It was only the third time in Denver weather history that this happened.

Two of the high temperatures during the stretch peaked at 105 degrees, which set the all-time record for the month of June and tied the all-time high temperature for Denver.