Longmont School To Investigate Graduation Speech Controversy

#Longmont school heeds Jared Polis's call for investigation into speech controversy http://t.co/Myfxv5HzDp pic.twitter.com/76ncTqbtXQ

Twin Peaks Academy will launch an investigation into its decision to bar valedictorian Evan Young from coming out as gay during a commencement speech, reported the Daily Camera.

The announcement comes as the school has received wide criticism in the press and social media for its treatment of Young. On Tuesday, U.S. Rep. Jared Polis also took aim at the decision in a letter to Kathy DeMatteo, President of the Board of Directors of Twin Peaks Academy:

I had the opportunity to hear Mr. Young’s speech this past Sunday, and there is nothing in it that can reasonably be construed as offensive. In fact, the act of preventing him from giving it merely on the basis of his sexual orientation, mentioned in the speech, is the unfortunate and offensive act that was perpetrated in the name of your school.

Rep. Polis also panned the school for violating the equal opportunities policy of its district and inadvertently outing the student’s sexual identity to his parents.

The Associated Press reports the school's investigation will be finished in early July.