Don’t Be Surprised By The June Tornadoes

Getty Images/iStockphoto

Image of a lifetime. Two tornadoes under a massive supercell in Simla, CO! #stormchasing #cowx

Last week's tornadoes got us wondering: How common is it for twisters to touch down in Colorado in June? According to National Weather Service data mapped out by Ian Livingston at, five of our state's counties are in the top eight nationally for frequency. Weld County leads the country. And that image above is from the Simla twisters in Elbert County, which ranks third in the nation for June frequency.

Here are the top eight counties where tornadoes love to drop in June: Weld, CO (89); Adams, CO (60); Elbert, CO (54); Washington, CO (45); Hale, TX (42); Campbell, WY (42); Lincoln, CO (41); Cherry, NE (39)

(Livingston is a defense policy specialist by day at the Brookings Institution, but is also a contributor to the Washington Post’s Capital Weather Gang.)