4th Juror Dismissed In Aurora Theater Shooting Trial

Photo: James Holmes sketch, facing right, Aurora theater shooting trial
A courtroom artist's sketch of James Holmes.

Another juror in the Colorado theater shooting trial has been dismissed.

Judge Carlos A. Samour granted a defense motion Monday to dismiss a woman whose brother-in-law was shot in an armed robbery in Denver last week.

Three other jurors were released last week over concerns they were exposed to media reports and may not have been truthful about it.

Twenty jurors and alternates are left to decide the fate of James Holmes.

In the latest case, the judge dismissed the juror because of how her brother-in-law's shooting might impact her and because he wasn't sure if she was completely truthful either.

She first said her relative had a major accident, even though the shooting had been reported by Denver media. She said that's all her family had told her.