Jan Martin and Mary Lou Makepeace – StoryCorps Interview

July 2, 2015
Jan Martin and Mary Lou MakepeaceJan Martin and Mary Lou Makepeace
Jan Martin and Mary Lou Makepeace

 Last month, KRCC welcomed StoryCorps and their mobile booth back to Colorado Springs.  StoryCorps, a non-profit organization, dedicates itself to recording and preserving the oral histories of people from all backgrounds. They store these records at the American Folklife Center at The Library of Congress. In the following interview, Colorado Springs' first female mayor, Mary Lou Makepeace, and current Colorado Springs Councilwoman Jan Martin sit down together to discuss what it means to be a woman in politics.

You can hear more installments of StoryCorps on NPR every Friday morning on KRCC during Morning Edition, or at their website, storycorps.org.

This Interview was edited by Han Sayles