Chick-fil-A At DIA Closer To Reality

A fast-food franchise with a history of anti-gay leadership is closer to opening a store at Denver International Airport after a City Council committee Tuesday unanimously advanced a plan to bring a Chick-fil-A to DIA.

The seven-year lease was approved after a brief discussion. After passing that hurdle, the deal isn't expected to face much opposition when it goes before the full council next.

A few weeks ago, some council members on the committee objected to the chain's past political activity against same-sex marriage.

"I'm going to have concerns. But that can't be the basis by which we turn a contract down," said council member Albus Brooks. And the city's anti-discrimination policies should protect the rights of Chick-fil-A employees, he adds.

Councilwoman Robin Kneich says she no longer has concerns about the deal because Chick-fil-A's main concession partner has a strong anti-discrimination policy. But the religious beliefs of the chain's leadership means the store at DIA won't be open on Sundays.