Denver Police Body Camera Policy Draft Released For Public Comment

<p>Credit: Rachel Estabrook/CPR News</p>
<p>Body cameras in docks at the Pueblo Police Department, where the footage is instantly downloaded at the end of an officer&#039;s shift.</p>

Denver Police released a proposed policy for how to use their forthcoming body cameras Tuesday. For the next two weeks, the department will accept public comments on their policy as they prepare to bring the cameras to the whole force.

The policy comes after a testing period in 2014 which had its own evaluation, including a body camera policy. Among the changes in the newest body camera policy, Denver officers are now explicitly told to turn on their cameras "when engaging in a forced entry."

But mostly, the conditions where officers are required to use their body cameras remain the same. Like before, officers are encouraged to use their discretion to capture "valuable documentation."

So far, one group has registered their dislike of the new proposal. The American Civil Liberties Union of Colorado tells the Denver Post that they don't like that officers wouldn't need to wear the cameras off-duty.