Trauma Support is the Focus of New Website

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A new website offers support for those affected by trauma.
A new website offers support for those affected by trauma.

The city of Colorado Springs is backing a new website dedicated to psychological trauma support.  It was created to help those affected by recent shootings in town, but is designed to help anyone who has experienced any recent trauma.

The site serves a joint purpose of providing interactive exercises and strategies as well as advising if further support is recommended.

Dr. Charles Benight directs the Trauma, Health, and Hazards center at UCCS and developed the site with his company. He says the website doesn't replace professional counseling, but can help people get on the road to recovery.

"One of the things that is important is that there's a resource that can be available to people twenty-four-seven," says Benight, "and can provide a bridge for people to empower themselves to recover on their own, if they just need a little bit of support."

Benight says they expect 500-1000 people to access it. Users must login to use the site, but it's anonymous and free to the public. The city has agreed to operate it for the next two years. 

The site is located at