Planned Parenthood Clinic Set to Reopen

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The Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs is set to reopen Monday after being closed for over two months.

The clinic closed in November after an attack by an armed gunman left three dead and others injured. The building sustained heavy damage to the entrance and interior, and repairs are ongoing.

Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains CEO Vicki Cowart says they're planning to increase security. The agency will also reassess measures nationwide, which Cowart says is typical for any organization after a traumatic event.

"Everybody steps back and rethinks everything," says Cowart. "We're doing a full agency wide assessment, and we will continue to make changes as we understand the environment we're working in."

Cowart says she expects the full facility to reopen in the spring. For now, the number of patients the clinic will be able to treat will be limited.

The accused gunman, Robert Lewis Dear, is set to appear in court again on February 24th.