Pueblo Leaders Seek Public Input on the Greater Pueblo Community

· Feb. 17, 2016, 9:23 pm
Credit Greater Pueblo Chamber of Commerce

Pueblo residents are being asked to participate in a first-of-its kind community survey. The Pueblo Collaborative Community Survey will help leaders assess which public services to invest in. It allows residents to rank the importance of ten different categories, including economic development, public safety, and health and human services.

Pueblo Chamber of Commerce CEO Rod Slyhoff says the survey is meant to generate constructive feedback from residents to help improve the area.

"Often times you don't hear from [residents] unless they're complaining," says Slyhoff. "That sometimes makes it hard to plan in an effective way, so this is an extremely important process for me and I think for our partners."

Slyhoff adds that he's surprised and impressed with the number of responses that have been received thus far. As of Tuesday, he says 1500 people have responded.

The survey closes in less than two weeks.  

It's available through the websites of participating agencies, including the Greater Pueblo Chamber of Commerce.

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