CU To Study Effects Of Marijuana Use By Pregnant Women

(Photo: CPR/Irvin Coffee)
<p>An array of marijuana plants in a Boulder grow. </p>

Medical researchers at the University of Colorado plan to study the effects of marijuana use by pregnant women.

The Denver Post reports Dr. Torri Metz, a high-risk obstetrician, will develop a questionnaire for new mothers about their use of the drug. She says "about half of the studies say there is an association between marijuana use and adverse outcomes. About half say there is no association."

Metz hopes to provide data-supported answers as marijuana laws change nationwide.

University officials say more study is needed on the association between marijuana use and fetal growth restriction, high blood pressure in pregnant mothers, stillbirth, spontaneous pre-term birth and other conditions.

The research will take place at the Anschutz medical campus.