Map Shows Extreme Weather Events in Colorado Since 2010

· Mar. 9, 2016, 5:40 pm
An interactive map at Environment Colorado counts weather disastersCredit Environment Colorado / Screen Grab
An interactive map at Environment Colorado counts weather disasters

An environmental advocacy group has a new interactive extreme weather map that charts natural disasters across the nation and in Colorado. 

Environment Colorado is a non-profit advocacy group that's part of Environment America.

While the interactive map is being released nationwide, campaign organizer Hannah Gregory says it's tailored to the disasters and experiences of individuals in each state.

"In Colorado, recently we have seen such increases in flooding and wildfires specifically," says Gregory, "and so we're just addressing those recent disasters that we've seen, and showing ways that maybe we could make a difference, mitigate, insure disasters."

Scientists say climate change contributes to conditions that help create megafires.

Gregory says visitors can use the map to discover weather and climate data collected by the Department of Agriculture and other organizations.

The map pulls data beginning in 2010, and also includes drought and tornadoes.

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