Boulder Turnpike Construction All But Done, CDOT Says

The work is all but finished on U.S. Highway 36 from Denver to Boulder, the Colorado Department of Transportation announced Monday.

Phase one of the project, to build toll lanes and a bike path, was completed last year. Phase two – about seven miles from Louisville to Boulder -- is now done, CDOT says.

CDOT’s Megan Castle says drivers will still see a little more construction along the highway.

"This is seasonal work that has to be done at the right temperature, so it wasn’t able to be done during the cooler winter months," she said.

The deal between the state and a private company that collects tolls and maintains the road drew criticism when it was finalized in 2014. Opponents including some state lawmakers said it had been pushed through without enough public input.

But CDOT says the partnership is a way to fund road work without asking voters to approve new taxes.