Listening Tour Addresses Barriers to Mental Health Care

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"Conversation with Colorado" is a platform for folks to come with ideas aimed at bettering the mental health care system, and it stops in Colorado Springs on Wednesday.

Andrew Romanoff is the President and CEO of Mental Health Colorado, which is putting together the tour. He says by the end of it, he hopes to develop an action plan for increasing public access to mental health care.

"Our goal is to make Colorado a national leader in preventing and treating mental health and substance abuse disorders," said Romanoff. "We're not there yet. But I think we can get from here to there, and that begins by listening."

Romanoff also says so far he's mostly heard concerns about the cost of mental health care as well as stigmas against getting help. The tour has previously made stops in Pueblo, Fort Collins, and Greeley.

The meeting is open to anyone who has had first or second hand experience with mental health issues and is scheduled for Wednesday evening at 5:15 at Penrose Library.