Air Force Signs Contract for Bottled Water Distribution

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Associated Press / Stock Photo

Peterson Air Force base announced Thursday a contract for supplying bottled water to some Security, Widefield, and Fountain residents whose tap water contains Perfluorinated Compounds, or PFCs.

The $108,000 grant is intended specifically for residents drawing water from private wells or small drinking water systems. This includes Security and NORAD Mobile Home Parks, Fountain Valley Shopping Center, and Pentecostal Assembly Church.

The pledge comes as part of a larger $4.3 million dollar commitment by the Air Force to help deal with PFC contamination in the area. Though an investigation into the cause is ongoing, many point to fire fighting foams once used for training at Peterson Air Force Base.

Officials say that five-gallon water bottles will be available for pick up at locations yet to be identified by El Paso County Public Health.