‘No Reason We Shouldn’t Win’ Colorado, Says Trump

Originally published on July 29, 2016 5:22 pm

Following Hillary Clinton's acceptance speech at the final night of the DNC, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump made a stop in Colorado Springs to try and gain momentum in a swing state that has so far provided lukewarm support.

"There is no reason we shouldn't win this state, heavy military and tremendous respect for law and order," Trump said. "We want law and order, we want a great military, we want our vets to be so happy."

Trump last spoke in Colorado at the Western Conservative Summit where he criticized the state's caucuses, which he had lost handily to Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. That seemed to be water under the bridge as he focused his attacks on Hillary Clinton.

"How do you lie to the FBI and now you're running for president? Seriously? How does that happen?" mused Trump to thunderous chants of "lock her up."

"I've been saying, let's just beat her on November 8th, but you know what, I'm starting to agree with you," said Trump. "I've been nice. But you know what, after watching that performance last night. I don't have to be so nice."

About 1,500 people filled the auditorium at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, with many more waiting in a separate room or outside in a line that wrapped around the building. They were unable to get inside because of the fire marshal, a move Trump called disgusting and a good example of why the country doesn't work well. The room was littered with "Make America Great Again" hats and t-shirts, Hillary for prison t-shirts, and people wearing red, white and blue.

For some in the crowd Trump wasn't their first choice, but they're now solidly behind him.

"I'm concerned about flippant things he says without regard to the impact of his words," said Teresa White, a single mother of three who moved to Colorado two years ago from Nashville. "It's careless, but I don't feel like it would have long lasting effects."

Credit Bente Birkeland / RMCR
Eighteen-year-old Neely White and her mother Teresa White of Colorado Springs are supporting Trump, despite concerns over some of his inflammatory comments.

Her top issue will be the next president's pick for the U.S. Supreme Court and she's more confident in Trump's choice than Clinton's.

"I want it to be legal decisions based on the Constitution," she said.

Her 18-year-old daughter, Neely White, will be voting for Trump in her first election. She said her vote is more anti-Hillary than pro-Trump.

"I definitely don't want Hillary," Neely White said. "She just lies about everything and is totally inconsistent, and I don't think that his good for America."

Trump used part of his nearly hour-long speech to defend himself against Clinton's critique that he would be unfit for the country's highest office, and is easily baited on Twitter.

"Like, I don't get upset. If somebody tweets, I do what I do. Who cares? I tell you, I think I have the best temperament, or certainly one of the best temperaments of anybody that has ever run for the office of president."

Trump went on to add that he never made fun of a disabled New York Times reporter, or implied that Fox News Reporter Megan Kelly was on her menstrual cycle. Before heading off to his next campaign event in Denver, Trump ended the speech by pledging to be back to Colorado soon.

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