Colorado Springs Fire Department Seeks New Firefighters

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The Colorado Springs Fire Department is looking for new firefighters. 

The Fire Department plans to hold orientations for those interested in applying, where they'll discuss what the job entails and how to prepare for the interview process.

Fire Captain Steve Wilch says they currently have 424 firefighters and are looking for more.

"We also have the growth in the city that has allowed us to open Fire Station number 22. We also have opened two medical squads in the last couple of years," he said. "So as well as people retiring, we're also growing as a city and we need more firefighters to join our team."

Wilch also says the hiring process could take months and includes both physical and written tests as well as an in-person interview. 

An upcoming orientation session is expected to take place this Saturday, August 20th at the Fire Department Complex on Printers Parkway at 9:30 AM. Sessions are expected to continue throughout August, September, and October.