Aurora Settles With Family Of Unarmed Fugitive Killed By Police

Naeschylus Carter Vinzant
<p>(Jefferson County, Colo., District Attorney Office via The Denver Post via AP)</p>
<p>Naeschylus Carter Vinzant is shown in a booking photo.</p>
Photo: Naeschylus Carter Vinzant
Naeschylus Carter Vinzant is shown in a booking photo.

Naeschylus Carter-Vinzant was a fugitive parolee, but was unarmed when an officer shot him in March of 2015.

At a Monday news conference, City Attorney Mike Hyman said the city worked with the victim’s family to reach a resolution. A lawsuit was never filed.

“Early settlement of this matter was actively sought in an effort to resolve this matter before the parties engaged in what would have been an extremely lengthy, costly, stressful and divisive process," Hyman said.

Officials declined to discuss specifics of the settlement and took no questions afterward.

A grand jury declined to charge the officer who shot Carter-Vinzant. But Aurora Police Chief Nick Metz said the incident led to positive changes within the department.

"This is a tragic event for everyone involved," Metz said. "In other communities, such an event could have resulted in violence and a breakdown of police-community relations. Here in Aurora, it was noticeably different."

The chief said the department has implemented a new use-of-force reporting system. And a new Force Review Board will determine whether an officer follows rules when force is used.