Listen To The Maritime Music For The New Series At Denver’s Buntport Theater

<p>(Courtesy&nbsp;Buntport Theater for All Ages)</p>
Photo: Buntport Theater, Siren Song
"Siren Song: A Pirate's Odyssey" is the second Saturday of the month through May at Buntport Theater in Denver.

Colorado may be landlocked but that didn't stop a group of Denver actors from imagining a world of seafaring pirates, incompetent castaways and an iguana in a parrot costume.

Buntport Theater for All Ages, an offshoot of Denver's Buntport Theater core company, launched a new serialized show last month called "Siren Song: A Pirate's Odyssey." It's inspired by the Greek epic poem Homer's Odyssey -- perhaps you read it in high school.

"The Odyssey is an enduring upstairs-downstairs story structure that is so much fun," says Jessica Robblee, a member of Buntport Theater for All Ages' creative team "The gods reign mercilessly over the mortals. They're inconsistent and full of surprises, and surprises make comedy."

The series, which is geared towards all ages, runs every second Saturday of the month through May. Each episode is based on an audience-suggested song, and a new song is drawn each month. This weekend's two afternoon performances are inspired by "The Story of My Life" by pop boy band One Direction.

One tune remains consistent throughout the series though. Denver band Chimney Choir composed a modern-day sea shanty -- that's a maritime tune, for all of you landlubbers. You can listen to it below.


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