Cheap Perfume Brings Feminist Punk to Colorado Springs

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Local band Cheap Perfume makes urgent music for turbulent times. The group's sound is fast and loud, at turns raging and satirical -- sometimes both at the same time. In their music, they tackle topics at the forefront of our nation's political debate right now, including racism, misogyny, the patriarchy, and even President-elect Donald J. Trump. 

Led by Stephanie Byrne and Jane No (a pseudonym), Cheap Perfume traces its lineage, in part, back through the punk scene to the feminist "riot grrrl" bands of the early nineties. In the often white, male-dominated sphere of punk music, Cheap Perfume aims to create space for diversity, and seeks to challenge the biases of those who listen to their songs and come to their shows. Their music is fun, to be sure, but it's also unapologetic in its critique of the systems of power and cultural norms that contribute to inequality in all its forms.

Earlier this month, Cheap Perfume released their first full-length record, Nailed It. In anticipation of that release, 91.5 KRCC's Jeff Bieri sat down with them discuss their music, their politics, and how they marry the two. 

This interview originally aired in Air Check, 91.5 KRCC's show about great music in the Pikes Peak region and beyond. 

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