Nonprofit Profiles: Greccio Housing

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Laura Yassa, Development Director at Greccio Housing
Laura Yassa, Development Director at Greccio Housing

The mission of Greccio Housing ( is to provide stable, safe, affordable housing, and to create supportive opportunities and services for its residents to enhance their individual growth.  

A recent testimonial from a Greccio Housing resident: " I just wanted to tell you, and all of Greccio, how much I appreciate all that you do for your residents.  I just walked by our newly stocked Little Library, and found 3 books that I was so happy to find. It's these little things, like the Little Library, the tickets from the Pikes Peak Center, the parties you organize, and the big awesome Food Pantry that you all run, that really adds to the quality of my life. I feel so taken care of here.  I really appreciate all of the hard work that you do to add joy to our lives. It goes far beyond just having an affordable place to live, and that's what makes Greccio so special." -Kristina W.

This year Greccio Housing is taking part in the Indygive! campaign. You can find out more about that at: