Rocky Mountain Food Report: Broadmoor to Unveil Exclusive Beer by Red Leg Brewing Company

Credit Bryce Crawford / Rocky Mountain Food Report

Last night reporters from The Rocky Mountain Food Report joined The Broadmoor and Red Leg Brewing Co. for an intimate dinner previewing the hotel’s coming Seven Falls Prospector’s Pick kölsch. The beer is specially made by Red Led and will officially launch at The Golden Bee on Tuesday, Jan. 17, when attendees will find special glasses, giveaways and more.

“It was just really important to have a really solid partner with great beer-making skills,” says The Broadmoor’s Krista Heinicke. “We started coming in [to Red Leg] with the chefs, because we like drinking beers with chefs, and so we’d go. And we met [owner Todd Baldwin], and Todd was great, and very amiable.”

The beer is a beautifully clear and golden, and quite wonderful tasting considering Red Leg didn’t run a test batch. It comes off crisp and clean, with a nice middle sweetness. At 5.3 percent ABV, it might be be considered sessionable compared to all the Imperials running around, and comes in pretty light on the bitterness at around 20 IBU.

“It’s a German style to begin with, right? It’s actually a summer style,” says Red Leg sales manager Paul Ferrante to the Report. “It’s a nice option to a pilsner. It’s not as heavy as a pilsner. It’s a style too that pairs well with all kinds of food. Depending on what you’re doing, it translates well.  It’s a light, clean, crisp, easy-drinking, not-heavy style."

The label includes a nod to Seven Falls with falling water framed by pickaxes. After the 17th, the beer will be available at the hotel property wide, including in cans. Visitors can also get it on draft at Red Leg’s tap room. The Broadmoor said it is also considering adding more partnerships in the future.

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