Colorado Springs On Track For Record Number Of Traffic Deaths In 2018

Traffic fatalities are up significantly in Colorado Springs this year. The city has counted 38 traffic deaths so far in 2018, compared to last year’s record high of 39 overall.

While the city says a growing population is partly to blame, officials add that the increase also points to impaired and distracted driving and a 10mph increase in average speeds on Colorado Springs roadways.

“It is each and every one of us that has a responsibility in how we drive motor vehicles in our city,” said Colorado Springs Police Department spokesman Lt. Howard Black. “Please slow down, pay attention, do not drink and drive.”

In an effort to reduce collisions, the city will soon install red light cameras at four high-risk intersections, including:

N Carefree Cir/Academy BlvdBriargate Blvd/Lexington DrPlatte Ave/Chelton RdDublin Blvd/N Academy Blvd

Anytime a motorist runs a red light at one of the intersections, a camera will take photos of the car, license plate, and driver. All infractions will then be reviewed by a CSPD employee before a ticket is issued, said Lt. Black.

“It’s not about how many tickets we can write,” he explained. “It’s about getting our motorist to be responsible when they’re driving those motor vehicles.”

The city is also launching a campaign called “Focus On Safety” to remind drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists to practice safe roadway habits.