Hazmat Truck Spills Fuel Near ‘High Risk’ RTD A Line Crossing In Aurora

<p>Courtesy Aurora Fire Rescue</p>
<p>A truck was disconnected from its tanker <span style="color: rgb(64, 69, 64);">carrying diesel fuel </span>at a high-traffic intersection in Aurora, Colorado on Friday, Jan. 25, 2019. </p>

Posted: 10:30 a.m. | Updated: 12:00 p.m.

A tanker truck carrying thousands of gallons of diesel fuel "became disconnected" as it crossed rail tracks in Aurora on Friday morning, causing RTD's A Line train to suspend service in the area.

Less than 50 gallons of fuel spilled and clean up was complete late Friday morning, said Aurora Fire Rescue spokeswoman Sherri Jo Stowell. No injuries were reported and the truck has been towed away. 

RTD ran buses in lieu of A Line trains from the Central Park station to 40th and Airport station until full service resumed shortly before 11 a.m. Roads in the area have been re-opened as well.

The incident was at Chambers Road, where hundreds of trucks carrying hazardous materials cross A Line and freight rail tracks every day. The Federal Railroad Administration has called it a “high risk” intersection, and trucking industry representatives say there’s a potential for disaster there.

It isn’t yet clear how the truck’s trailer became disconnected.

"It may not have been connected properly," said Aurora Police Sgt. Chris Carleton."The company is going to have to do some kind of mechanical inspection to determine exactly what failed."