Want To Ride Your E-Bike At Dinosaur National Monument? You Can Now

David Sharp/AP Photo
Janice Goodwin stands by her electric-assist bicycle at a gate near the start of the carriage path system where bikes such as her are banned inside Acadia National Park, in this photo June 8, 2018, in Bar Harbor, Maine. Electric-assist bikes are allowed on paved roads but are banned on bike paths in national parks.

Starting in October, cyclists will be able to ride an electronic bike at Dinosaur National Monument. 

It's the latest National Park Service land in Utah and Colorado permitting electronic bicycles.

Dan Johnson with the monument at the Colorado-Utah border said people will have to bring their own e-bike to the park and will have to follow the same rules as other cyclists. They can ride on paved and unpaved roads but not trails

"It allows people to basically explore some areas that they might not be able to on a regular bike," he said. "E-bikes are growing in popularity, so I guess we will see."

Johnson said biking isn't very common at the park right now so the new rule could bring more people to the park.

E-bikers will be responsible for charging their own bikes because the parks don't have charging stations, and generators aren't allowed in the sites' backcountry.  

Colorado Parks and Wildlife allows certain e-bikes on some trails where other bikes are allowed, while another class of e-bike is only allowed on roadways.