CDOT Is Still Looking For 70 More Snow Plow Drivers For The Winter

City of Denver snowplow
David Zalubowski/AP Photo
A city of Denver plow leads traffic down Speer Boulevard as it clears roads as an autumn storm sweeps over the intermountain West and leaves up to a foot of snow in Denver on Sunday, Nov. 15, 2009.

Spokesman Bob Wilson said the strong economy makes it hard to find qualified drivers, who have a lot of other options.

"It's a tight labor market,” he said. “So a lot of folks who have what's known as a CDL have their pick of jobs. It doesn't make it easy for anyone who's looking for drivers."

The pay rate is $23 an hour. Retired CDOT workers can get paid $25 an hour or their hourly wage at retirement, whichever is higher.

Applicants will have to have their CDL license and pass a drug test.

The state Department of Personnel and Administration gave CDOT a residency waiver, which will allow the agency to hire out-of-state.

Wilson said some side roads may take a little longer to plow until a full fleet of snow plow drivers is in place.

CPR reporter Nathaniel Minor contributed to this report.