Deadline Approaching For Party Affiliation In Presidential Primary

Hart Van Denburg/CPR News
Motorists drop off their ballots at a Denver Elections Division drive-through in front of the City and County Building on Tuesday Nov. 5, 2019.

Monday is the last day Coloradans can change their party affiliation before the March 3rd  presidential primary. 

Voters registered as a Democrat or Republican will get their corresponding ballot in the mail beginning the week of Feb. 10. 

Unaffiliated voters can also participate but can only cast one ballot. Third parties aren't holding primaries in March, so those supporters won't be getting a ballot in the mail.

Beginning this year, voters will not have to attend a party caucus to participate in the presidential election and the election will work like any other primary. 

If someone still wants to do a caucus, it’s held on the first Tuesday in March. In a presidential election year, a political party can hold its precinct caucuses on the first Saturday following the presidential primary election. The people who get the most votes at the precinct caucus are the delegates to the county. A person must be affiliated with a party to participate in a caucus meeting.