Nature’s Neighborhood: Blair Bridge Open Space And Memorial Park

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Susan Davies/Trails and Open Space Coalition
Blair Bridge Open Space is one alternative to visit if Garden of the Gods is too crowded.

Looking for ways to enjoy the outdoors while avoiding the pile-ups at popular parks? Susan Davies of the Trails and Open Space Coalition has a few suggestions.

The organization's Get Out, Spread Out campaign has highlighted over 100 parks, trails and bike rides in the Pikes Peak Region to explore.

On this final Nature's Neighborhood, Davies shares some alternative spaces to avoid crowds from out of town.

Blair Bridge Open Space

Susan Davies/Trails and Open Space Coalition
Blair Bridge Open Space has a tunnel that connects to the Foothills Trail.

Out-of-town visitors are returning, and Garden of the Gods is pretty crowded again. But if you hop on the Foothills Trail and head north about a mile, you'll happen upon Blair Bridge Open Space.

It has a large parking lot and a pleasant one-mile walk on a great trail with lovely views of the Garden and Rampart Range. Blair Bridge Open Space is a great alternative when you're trying to get out and spread out.

Memorial Park

Susan Davies/Trails and Open Space Coalition
The Fallen Firefighters Memorial is in the northwest corner of the park.

Circling Prospect Lake at Memorial Park is always a popular walk, especially with the new fitness stations. But if you find it a bit crowded, consider walking between the lovely memorials in Memorial Park.

You can start at the Firefighter Memorial, stroll to the Peace Officers Memorial and then on to the Veterans Memorial. It's a moving experience in every way. Checking out the memorials at Memorial Park and Blair Bridge Open Space, just a couple of great choices for exercise that we have in our region.