Video: Polis Acknowledges Colorado ‘Needs To Do Better’ With Its Vaccine Plan

Updated 3:43 p.m.

Gov. Jared Polis defended his administration's rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine amid complaints that it's created confusion.

Some Coloradans 70 and over have already been vaccinated even though frontline health care workers and other top priority groups haven't. Much of it depends on where people live, the number of doses certain areas have received and what health system patients are affiliated with.

Polis indicated some chaos is inevitable, "But the benefits of going as quickly as possible to get it into the arms of folks far outweighs delaying until everything is lined up."

The governor said more health systems and clinics will be offering the vaccine to older Coloradans in the coming weeks. So far, the state's vaccine distribution plan has changed repeatedly leading to questions and confusion for many — and competition for others.