A Mozart cornucopia for his 266th birth anniversary!

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“Forgive me, Majesty. I am a vulgar man! But I assure you, my music is not.”
― W. A. Mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart reigns as one of the finest composers, conductors and musicians of his time. With over 600 works in all styles - symphony, concerto, opera, vocal, piano, everything! - Mozart offers classical lovers some of the most treasured music ever written.

CPR Classical shines a special spotlight on the 18th-century composer during his January 27 birthday. Listen live for on air features from our hosts, enjoy hand picked favorites, or immerse in a podcast for a deeper appreciation toward the prodigy from Salzburg!

Our newest host and digital producer, Jessie Jacobs, asked the CPR Classical team to share: "What's a favorite Mozart piece?"

Discover the pieces that charm us and sample Mozart in an instant!

Tune into CPR Classical throughout the day for iconic music by Mozart. From Behind the Baton, conductor Scott O’Neil shares why Mozart’s distinctive Mannheim symphonies are as recognizable as Motown. Host Karla Walker introduces you to people Mozart loved in the Music Room at 10:30 a.m. and Midday Mozart will be packed full of favorites! Jean Inaba presents her best-loved orchestral and vocal recordings for evening listeners including the Solemn Vespers and performances by the renowned Takács Quartet. Click “Listen Live” at the top of the page to encounter Mozart all day!

"I've really upped my game playing chamber music over the past eight years. It means learning the repertory itself AND getting acquainted with this wonderful music from the inside out (as a violinist).

"Mozart's String Quintet #3 glows with energy and passion. It's so much fun to play and rewarding for listeners, too. Wolfgang's Symphony #39 is a joyful romp…..especially the galloping finale. It bursts with joy. The world is a better place because of what Mozart brought to it." - CPR Classical's Jean Inaba

Celebrate Mozart’s birthday with a quiz on his life

Did you know Mozart never went to school? So who was his primary teacher?

Test your skills in our Mozart quiz and then pass to your friends to see how you compare!

Share with CPR Classical your must-listen-to Mozart

Is it one of his symphonies? An opera aria?

Add your favorite to the list and see what other CPR Classical listeners are saying.

‘The Great Composers’ podcast offers a rare look into Mozart’s life

Mozart was just 12 years old when he was commissioned to write an opera. Overnight, he went from a child prodigy to a major threat. Composers in Vienna, angry that they were skipped over for the commission, threatened to hire protesters to boo and hiss at the performance of Mozart's first major opera. What else would Mozart overcome?

Discover more about the great prodigy from Salzburg with podcasts from Karla Walker and Scott O’Neil.

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