Adam Frisch vs. Lauren Boebert rematch: The Democrat who almost won is running for Congress again

Hart Van Denburg/CPR News
The day after Election Day in Glenwood Springs, the front page of the Aspen Times reflects the uncertainty of the race on the the 3rd Congressional District between incumbent Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert and her Democratic challenger Adam Frisch.

Democrat Adam Frisch is running for Congress… again. He officially launched his 2024 bid against GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert with an online announcement Tuesday.

“November’s election results show us that Boebert is weak and will be defeated, which is why I have decided to launch my 2024 congressional campaign,” he said in a statement. “Despite her near-loss in a district that favored Republicans by 9 points, Boebert has only doubled-down on her divisive antics, attention-seeking, and angertainment that does nothing to benefit the people of Southern and Western Colorado.”

Given the closeness of last year’s result, a Boebert-Frisch rematch is likely to draw national attention — and money. Cook Political has shifted the district to Leans Republican from Safe Republican.

Frisch, a former Aspen city council member, surprised many by coming within 546 votes of unseating the controversial incumbent last November in a newly redrawn congressional district 3 that on paper has a +9 point Republican lean. He filed his paperwork for a 2024 run the day before he officially conceded the 2022 race.

Boebert, meanwhile, has started the new congress focused on oversight of the Biden administration, from its handling of the COVID-19 pandemic to alleged suppression of conservative speech on social media.

She was also one of 20 GOP holdouts when it came to electing Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House, delaying the work of the House for about a week.

"The entire country watched as Congresswoman Lauren Boebert helped fearlessly lead the way in making historic improvements to how Congress operates,” Boebert’s spokesman Ben Stout said in a statement when asked for a reaction to Frisch’s announcement. “She looks forward to continuing to serve Colorado's 3rd Congressional District, regardless of whoever runs against her."

Boebert has introduced three bills so far this year, including a one-year moratorium on legally required payments from the Department of Justice to big tech companies when they perform data searches or other legal records requests. She’s also had some amendments attached to bills that are not expected to advance in the Senate, including one that would identify areas for oil and gas leasing in Colorado’s Thompson Divide, an area that many, including Colorado’s Democratic members of Congress, are trying to protect.

Frisch will formally kick off his campaign with an event in Pueblo on Wednesday.

Other candidates could still jump into the race. Frisch defeated two other primary candidates to get the Democratic nomination last cycle, while Boebert defeated one.

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