Hop on the bus to Trinidad as CDOT launches a new Southern Colorado Bustang Route

Courtesy Colorado Department of Transportation
CDOT’s Bustang Outrider service connects small towns in Colorado to larger cities.

Starting today, Thursday March 23, passengers can catch a ride between Pueblo and Trinidad on Bustang. The new bus route is an expansion of the Outrider service from the Colorado Department of Transportation. Outrider is a regional bus network created to connect smaller communities around the state, like Lamar, Alamosa, Sterling and Craig, with each other and larger cities.

The new route is slated to take an hour and 45 minutes, with stops in Colorado City, Walsenberg and Aguilar. At $15 from Pueblo to Trinidad, the fare is about half the price posted online by Greyhound. The shorter legs of the trip start at $4, but through April 30, it's free to take a trip on any portion of the new route.

According to a press release, CDOT aims to use this route to “help bridge a transportation gap for communities located south of Pueblo.” 

The agency said it works with local bus operators to manage each route, with the goal of providing “riders with reliable service, new buses, consistent schedules, reduced fare costs, convenient intercity and interstate connections and on-time service.” Other Bustang subsidiary services cover Front Range cities, the 1-70 corridor and seasonal services to Broncos games and skiing.

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