Hundreds of pounds of potatoes up for grabs in Woodland Park

Teller County Sheriff's Office
A patch of potato plants.

Hundreds of pounds of seed potatoes will be given away in Woodland Park over the next couple of days. They come from the San Luis Valley Research Station and will be distributed through the Colorado State University Extension office in Teller County.

Director Mark Platten said gardeners use seed potatoes to propagate plants because many potatoes from grocery stores are treated with a chemical to help prevent sprouts. They're not meant for eating.

“You could theoretically eat seed potatoes if you wanted to,” Platten said. “But they are grown specifically for planting in the gardens."

There are four different varieties of potatoes available, including one called ‘masquerade,’ a spud with a white and purple skin and white flesh. The other three are unnamed varieties going through the patent process.   

The Great Potato Giveaway takes place Thursday and Friday, June 1 and 2, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., or until all 450 pounds of potatoes are gone. Those interested should bring their own bags to the extension office at 800 Research Dr., Suite 224.