No left turn from Platte to Nevada: Change to downtown Colorado Springs intersection aimed at reducing crashes

Mike Procell / KRCC
A statue of General William Jackson Palmer sits in the center of the intersection of Platte Ave. and Nevada Ave. in downtown Colorado Springs.

Drivers in downtown Colorado Springs can no longer take a left-hand turn onto North Nevada Avenue from East Platte Avenue. That's the intersection with a statue of the city's founder, General William Jackson Palmer, riding his horse, Diablo, in the middle.

According to city data, from 2015-2019, left-hand turns caused 38 percent of crashes at the intersection. That's more than double the statewide average of 16 percent of crashes during a left-hand turn. 

Of the 25 crashes caused by left-hand turns during that time period, 21 of them were turns onto Nevada from Platte; only four were from Nevada to Platte.

A spokesperson for the city said the change was the most cost-effective solution, with signage costing around $1,500. 

Last year the Colorado Springs Police Department reported a total of 21 crashes at the intersection, with seven crashes so far this year. It's unclear how many of those were left-hand turns.

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