New development and zoning codes are in the works for Pueblo County

Pieblo County Courthouse
Hart Van Denburg/CPR News
The Pueblo County Courthouse.

A major update to the Pueblo County development and zoning code is underway. The new zoning updates will govern how land can be developed in the county.

During a recent presentation to the county commissioners, project consultant Elizabeth Garvin said the aim is to align the new code with the regional plan that was adopted last year.

“We've done some clean-up," she said. “We've tried to simplify, we've tried to hold the code to the least amount of standards that will result in the development that the county wants to see and not a lot more than that.”

The initial draft addresses the allowable size and use of structures in different areas and other guidelines.

Garvin said county officials want to cut down on the number of special use requirements, like possibly allowing small businesses or offices in residential neighborhoods. The project website shows where changes are likely to happen.

“There are some places where the zoning should change to align with the Regional Comprehensive Plan,” she said, “but we don't want to surprise anybody with that information.”

The new draft reduces the number of zone designations that control what kind of development can happen in different areas. Garvin said a good portion of the county is currently zoned agricultural and much of that will not change.

Comments will be taken during public roundtable meetings on Oct. 18 and 19 in Colorado City, Pueblo West and Pueblo, or online through the end of the month.