Shanna Lewis

Shanna Lewis (she/her/hers) joined KRCC in 2021 as the Growth/General Assignment Reporter.

Professional Background:
Shanna joined KRCC after 15 years as an independent Southern Colorado based radio producer, journalist and photographer, regularly contributing to KRCC and CPR News, as well as NPR. Her freelance print and photography have been featured on, The Denver Post, The National Post (Canada), High Country News, U.S. News and World Report and other publications. Shanna served on the board of directors for KLZR 91.7 FM, a community radio station in rural Colorado, for 15 years. She’s contributed to and collaborated on numerous award-winning broadcast, online and multimedia projects and is the recipient of multiple awards for reporting and photography.

Some of Shanna’s favorite stories that she’s reported, written and and produced for KRCC and CPR are:

“Many people on the Front Range depend on water from the Denver Basin. But the underground supply isn’t infinite”

“Ever wonder what all those numbers mean on your property tax bill? Take a tour of a bill with a Pueblo homeowner and find out”

“Preservation work at the Ludlow Massacre site revealed hidden symbols. They’ll never be seen again”

  • Voters ousted two Democratic state lawmakers yesterday in the first ever recall elections of state legislators.  The recalls come in the wake of new gun legislation passed earlier this year.   Senate President John Morse of Colorado Springs conceded around 9:30, calling the defeat symbolic.
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  • It’s election day for parts of El Paso and Pueblo Counties. State senators John Morse and Angela Giron are facing possible recalls. KRCC’s Liz Ruskin caught up with the El Paso County Clerk at Centennial Hall, where at mid-day, voter traffic was moving swiftly.
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